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Dear Members and Friends:

I have a vision for OCCACC and OCCACC Foundation (OCCACCF), and that is to let the OCCACC scholarship recipients (OCCACC Scholars) fuel the future growth of OCCACC. Today, OCCACC is the most active Chinese chamber of commerce in Orange County not only because lots of business are done within the chamber but also because we give back to the community in a big way. I hope these Scholars will rejuvenate our chamber and make OCCACC even more resourceful in the future.

This year marks the second year of our new scholarship program which provides a meaningful $5,000 per person per year, continuously throughout four years in college, for a total of $20,000 per Scholar. We target not just those in need but most importantly, we target the most promising students. This year there were forty-six (46) top notch applicants, and it was a tough job to select only ten (10) recipients. The operations committee went through home visits and heated deliberations to come up with the final ten OCCACC Scholars of 2016.

I'm a firm believer that the definition of success is not just your own success but also help people to achieve their goal and become successful. Thank you for all your supports and donations year after year that enable us to award our scholarship annually since 1995. When our Scholars become strong and are able to open many doors in the future, they too, will help more people, and they will come back to help grow OCCACC. This ripple effect can be far-reaching.

Fortunately, OCCACCF has recruited quite a few good hands to join our board this year. Together we are going to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for our selection process and find ways to engage our Scholars with this chamber as well as with the community.

Here at OCCACC, we do business, grow friendship and help each other out. Thank you for all your participations- we are what we are today because of YOU.

Karen Kuo-Limb
President of 2016




每年基金會的捐款,有一部份固定來自商會的理事和會員,另外就是善心的成功企業家。而今年度 (7/1/2017- 6/30/2018) 我們首次舉辦對外的大型慈善募款晚宴- 在募款主席 Elena Pu 的主導安排下,11/18/2017在Brackett Field Airport 的機庫場地,我們除了展示跑車,並競拍私人戰鬥機飛行體驗、私人公務機一日遊及著名書畫家孫大威的彩墨作品,還請來立陶宛連續七年花式滑冰國家冠軍 Aidas Reklys現場表演。當日會場竟然擠爆,幸好有Jericho Wang和Kelly He現場把關,嚴格維持入場秩序。雖然整個過程實在艱辛,但成果卻令人非常欣慰。

募款雖然不易,但發放獎學金 (用錢) - 卻有更大的學問。因為現在有太多的單親、跨國的收入在稅表上看不出來;還有我們到底是應該給真正很困苦,可是卻沒有那麼出色的學生呢?還是要給一個很出色但家裏還算過得去的呢? 我們希望兩者都能兼顧。所以每一次我們都在他們真正的家境、學生是needy and merits (underprivileged and promising) 的取捨之間費盡心機,絞盡腦汁 。

我們$5,000x4年 (總共$20,000) 的高額獎學金雖然難為,但是隨著經驗的累積,最吃重的 Operation 和Scholars Committee也逐漸建立起可因循的SOP。而且值得高興的,是目前這40位獎學金得主中,好幾位常來出席我們Summer & Winter reunion的Scholars已經和基金會有不錯的互動。這些 青年才俊,其中有一些將來必定可以回饋和幫助我們這個溫馨的商會和基金會更上一層樓。


Karen Kuo-Limb (郭秀梅)
President of 2017 & 2016
橙縣華人商會基金會 (OCCACCF)

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